Welcome to the American Water Spaniel Pedigree Database!

This project is dedicated to the idea that accessible information is in the best interest of  breeders, owners, and most of all for the future of the American Water Spaniel breed. It is hoped this site can be used by both breeders and supporters to help promote our wonderful breed and ensure that the future of our AWS continues to be healthy and robust.

This database is for all American Water Spaniels not only those used for breeding. 

Having as much data as possible is great for research. Raw data on things like lifespan and medical conditions like allergies, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, and cryptorchidism are not currently available for the AWS population. This tool gives us the opportunity to collect and create data sets for future analysis. 

The support of our breeders and owners is necessary for this project to be really successful.

The future for the AWS is moving Forward!

Some Statistics

Pedigrees: 8470
Pictures: 377

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